Engagement Sayings For The Bride and Groom

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The man of your dreams has delivered his lines expressing his love and asking your hand in marriage. After the magical yes, you probably be writing you speech for the Engagement Party. Are you the type of person who has a lot to say or a person with nothing to say? Whatever type of person you are, you probably end up writing nothing on the paper. Why not choose an sayings that can describe your relationship to one another.


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Engagement Sayings are written and continuously increasing as more and more couples have been discovering their love to one another. It may not follow the rhythm and structures of poetry, but it surely follows the beat of the hearts. Engagement Sayings are used and reused and it is sure to stay for lifetime. Engagement Sayings are not limited to speeches you made for the Engagement Party but it can also be used to add flavor to the wedding invitation.

There are a lot of Short Poems available but dedicating one written by you or both of you is very romantic. Studies show that the best time to write is during the morning, when you just had a good night sleep. Well, to others, when they feel like writing, they stop what they are doing so as not to lose the opportunity to create a meaningful saying.

If you do not have a spare time to write, give yourself a break and squeeze it to your schedule increasing words each day. You may also consider taking a vacation grande, away from the stress of city life and dedicate special day for writing. Life is full of sacrifices. You may want to consider writing instead of going to Saturday night outs with friends or chatting with your online friends.

Weddings are a special occasion not only for the bride but also for the groom. Wedding Bells ring not for everyone. Make this occasion a memorable one for you and your spouse. Organize your thoughts, express your love through words, it is the only way to show the people how you love each other as they are not there to see how the relationship is. Consider asking help from friends and relatives if the schedule is too tight but always contribute your thoughts and insightss about the relationship. Remember that the words you use will reflect on you and your spouse as a couple.

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