All about Your Engagement Party Protocol

Engagement Party Protocol is very important as Engagement Party calls for formalities and socialization. Engagement is one of the most celebrated occasions among families. It is not only the union of two hearts and combining two lives but it is also the union of the families of the bride and groom.


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Although there have been a lot of articles about Engagement Party Protocol, it is rather confusing and has a lot of variations and unique blends and flavors. Feel free to bend some rules and create fun and meaningful Engagement Party. It has been said that Engagement Party should be hosted by the family of the bride with Daddy announcing the engagement of her daughter to the groom to be. Although such tradition is still practiced today, there have been a variety of twists on this Engagement Party Protocol.

The Engagement Party can be hosted by the Maid of Honor or by the engaged couple and invite their parents to grace the occasion. Invitations at this point are quite important, acquiring addresses, printing and sending out of party invitation should be given utmost attention since the engagement party is the kick-off your wedding preparation. Preparing for the Engagement Party is a great training for the preparation of the big day. As a bride to be, you will be dealing with a lot of things and might have a tight schedule. Go ahead and delegate some tasks to friends and relatives to have some free time you're your spouse to be.

Engagement Party is not about gift-giving. It is a time of getting to know each other. Play games as long as it is clean fun. Do something unique as long as it will not offend any guests especially the engaged couple. Engagement Party is a time for family and friends turn to tell something about the couple. Engagement Party Protocol states that you should highlight the couple and not showcase your achievement. Even if a friend or a member of the family is a good speaker, limit the time to about two to four minutes as a sign of respect to others who would want to deliver their speech and congratulate the couple.

Engagement Party Protocol may differ depending on traditions. To others, it may be a big event, to some it is a simple event held just to kick-off the wedding preparations. Others are making it formal and others want it a bit loose. As long as it does not defeat the purpose of knowing the family of both sides, getting acquainted with friends of the bride and the groom, the Engagement Party will always be a success.

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