Crystal Bridal Bouquet

Are you thinking of using a crystal bridal bouquet? Incorporating your own style and personality on your wedding is a big step for a contemporary bride like you and having an intricate crystal wedding bouquet will definitely show the modern you. Unlike bouquet that's made from fresh flowers, this bouquet can be kept and be a remembrance of the wedding and all moments of that great occasion.


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The crystal wedding bouquet is also a good option if you have an allergic reaction to fresh flowers. Aside from preventing you to become uncomfortable and dizzy on your big day, it also add glamour to your whole ensemble.

Just like any bridal bouquet, crystal wedding bouquets should be in harmony with all the wedding decorations, motifs, and gowns. The color of the crystals to be used should complement each other so it is important that you plan or make in advance your crystal bridal bouquet. It will depend on your liking if you want to have clear crystals or crystals with striking colors. You can also add some beads to your crystals to have a different texture.

It would be a lot easier to the part of the designers if you will give them a swatch of the fabric of your gown. By that, they will know what kind of crystals they will use to match your wedding dress and they'll have an idea of what type of ribbon to be used.

There are also a lot of style that a crystal wedding bouquets can be made. A round handheld crystal bridal bouquet can be a straight or a waterfall assembly. The waterfall assembly can give an illusion of suspended stars because it has longer stems while a straight assembly have a tighter appearance and do not bend over the side. This style can be in different sizes from small to extra large; the size will depend on your height and built.

The cascade crystal bouquet is a style where the stems are cascading or going down. It has a striking effect because of the illusion of stars glinting and falling down. You can also use these crystals as embellishment to your floral bridal bouquet.

Some designers allow customization of the design. It would be favorable for them to know what's on your mind so they can create a crystal bouquet that strictly yours. If you have lots of time, you can also make your own crystal bridal bouquet but remember it is a tedious work and you'll need plenty of time.

Stunning crystal bridal bouquet will surely make you sparkle on your big day. Though it is a bit expensive than fresh flower bouquet, you can be sure that its beauty and shine will remain the whole day and the coming years.

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