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Costa Rica Facts

Are you looking for the best Costa Rica travel deals? If so, you need to learn some Costa Rica facts before you head off to this beautiful Central American paradise. Read on for some helpful tips to make the best of your family vacation or romantic getaway.


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Costa Rica Travel Deals: Getting There

Some of the most important Costa Rica facts have to do with how to get there. You can easily fly in to San Jose's international airport and take a domestic flight to several different cities all around the country. International airlines that fly into Costa Rica include American Airlines, Copa Airlines and many more. Costa Rica is also a popular stop for several important international cruise lines and is therefore easily accessed by sea. And of course, if you're up for a long drive, you can travel from North or South to reach this Central American country by land. There are also domestic buses to and from cities near San Jose and beyond.

Costa Rica Travel Deals: All-Inclusive Resorts

Costa Rica facts about hotels and accommodations are also important to keep in mind. The country is full of fabulous all-inclusive resorts that attract thousands of guests each year. These resorts offer visitors all you can eat meals at anytime of the day, wireless internet, pools, spas, famous golf courses and much more. These all-inclusive resorts also include tour packages to different cities as well as important sites. The resorts themselves are each a beautiful site, with their red carpet treatment and luxurious guestrooms and suites. They are also located near some of Costa Rica's most well-known tourist spots.

Costa Rica Travel Deals: Places To Go

And of course, Costa Rica facts about these tourist spots are good to know. Places like the Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica's only permanently active volcano, will keep guests entertained. Visitors can also sign up for nature walks, white water rafting, hiking up mountains, and other fun activities. There's also plenty of fun for the kids, including museums, parks and playgrounds. Plus, Costa Rica's world-famous beaches will have guests coming back for more each time. With pristine waters and white sands, as well as the perfect waves for surfing, beaches all along the country's Atlantic and Pacific coasts will amaze all visitors.

Warm weather, wonderful beaches and breath-taking scenery are waiting for you and your loved ones at this Central American gem.

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