Corinth Greece

Places To Visit in Greece

Are you planning a trip to Corinth Greece? If you're looking for some of the best places to visit in Greece, you certainly can't miss Corinth. This historic city is full of archaeological ruins and interesting sites that tell the story of Greece, the Roman Empire and much more. Modern Corinth as well as Acrocorinth, or ancient Corinth, are great places to go for a family vacation. So, read on to get some helpful tips on where to go when in Corinth.


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Corinth Greece: Temples and Ruins

Of all the interesting places to visit in Greece, the Acrocorinth is by far the most attractive for tourist and lovers of ancient history. Only a short drive from the modern day city of Corinth, the Acrocorinth offers guests the chance to see the Temple of Apollo. One of the oldest stone temples still standing in Greece, the Temple of Apollo attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Another site to see here is the Temple of Aphrodite, which is little more than a few ruins and the Temple of Octavia, dedicated to an ancient Roman emperor's sister. Plus, visitors can also go to the Bema, a platform where St. Paul pleaded his case before the Corinthians and their emperor in the year 52 A.D. And there are also ruins of the Peirene Fountain, which was once the city's main source of water.

Corinth Greece: Museums

The Archaeological Museum of Corinth is one of the most visited places to visit in Greece and a very popular museum of Europe. This amazing museum contains a very wide range of artifacts, including religious pieces, inscriptions of Galileo and Erastus, votive offerings to Asklepios that were found at the Asklepieion, a sanctuary dedicated to the god of healing. The museum also has remains of ancient menorahs, synagogue inscriptions and other interesting items.

Corinth Greece: Modern Corinth

Modern Corinth is also a good destination when choosing places to visit in Greece. This quaint Greek city has plenty of comforts for tourists as well as several tour packages to nearby Acrocorinth. Visiting this amazing city is the perfect opportunity to get an unforgettable history lesson and see the modern city next to its own ruins.

So, when visiting Greece, make sure you stay in Corinth for a while to see some of the most interesting ruins of the Roman Empire as well as taste a bit of Modern Greek life.

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