Chinese Wedding Decorations

Chinese wedding decorations are definite symbols of the wish for future happiness, wealth, good luck, and unity of the newlyweds.


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In Chinese traditions, the color red is very important in Chinese wedding decorations. It is the color of good luck and prosperity. Red is everywhere in a Chinese wedding; from paper cut-outs, banners, centerpieces, table cloths to table napkins. Red ribbons and red linens can add up a joyful impression to the wedding occasion.

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Red Chinese lanterns are symbols of happiness and good luck; they should be hung and lit during the ceremony all throughout the reception hall. Paper cut signs of the double happiness symbol and the dragon and phoenix sign are attached to the lamps. These double happiness symbols are very important Chinese wedding decorations because it brings good fortune to the newlyweds. The dragon and phoenix symbolizes the groom and the bride and the couple's new life together.

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A red opened umbrella is also included in Chinese wedding decorations. It is believed that it brings fertility to the bride when it is hung over her. Hanging decorative fireworks are believed to scare evil and troublesome spirits away, thus giving the couple a healthy wedded life. Someone can clap cymbals to emphasize the sounds made by the fireworks.

The walls of the wedding place should have Chinese calligraphy hanging on it, written words are: 100yrs of happy togetherness, or other poems that are related to marriage. Even the newlywed's home and reception should be adorned by these banners. Round tables should be set in the reception area. You can make fortune cookies decorated with colors red, gold and silver; and have them distributed around every table for each guest.

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As centerpiece, you can have red and gold table cloths covered with lovely and colorful flowers. The Chinese believe that flower centerpieces aren't only decorative; they also signify happiness, life and fertility. They also believe that white flowers should not be used in weddings; these flowers, especially white roses are only used for funerals. Some of the Chinese flowers that are acceptable and beautiful are orchids, peonies and lotus. Also, red candles can be used as a centerpiece.

Wedding dolls can be a decoration to your wedding cake or it can also be your centerpiece as well; also the newlyweds can take it to their new home as a decoration.

The Chinese wedding theme should have Chinese instrumental music in accompaniment. This music, together with the beautiful Chinese wedding decorations; will give the couple getting married a very memorable ceremony. And lastly, you can have your Chinese guestbook as one of your Chinese wedding decorations. It is not an ordinary guestbook because it is made up of a large square linen cloth with dragon and phoenix pattern. Using a pen, your guests can sign on your Chinese guestbook and keep it as a remembrance of your wedding.

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