Helpful Tips in Planning a Cheap Vegas Wedding

A cheap Vegas wedding is an option for couples who don't want to have a pricey hometown wedding. Because not only it is cheap, it is also fun and exciting to get married in Las Vegas. You have so many selections to choose from; from chapel and wedding packages to your wedding reception. 


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Las Vegas is one of the most popular places to get married and gamble. Other says that it is the 'gambling and wedding capital' of the world. You can see casinos, hotels and chapels everywhere. And most of these chapels and hotels offer different wedding packages, from a $40 package to $1000 package for your cheap Vegas wedding. These packages can offer you a complete wedding; from an officiant who will act upon the ceremony, a photographer to take a number of photos, a bouquet for the bride and a wedding music. If you want to add something, you should increase your budget for your cheap Vegas wedding. 

Several factors can affect the cost of your Las Vegas wedding; therefore you have to plan it just like a hometown wedding. Travelling expenses, hotel accommodations and even your honeymoon should be incorporated to your cheap Vegas wedding plans. 

Find a cheap way to travel to Las Vegas; you can search online for a low-cost travel accommodation in a discount travel website. You can also seek the help of a travel agent who can help you purchase the best deal on this. 

You surely will find good bargains and travel deals because Las Vegas is a very popular destination; mostly you'll find great discounts on airfare. Buses and trains can also be a good travel option but they are a little more expensive because of high gas prices

Another part of an affordable Vegas wedding you must plan about is the place where you're going to stay. A hotel is the best option, since there are lots in an area means they have competitive prices; so you won't find any trouble in choosing a cheap but cozy place to stay in at. 

You should also take note that Las Vegas wedding during weekdays is much cheaper than weekends. You should also avoid getting married during holidays like Valentine's Day, Christmas and New Year; plan your wedding during off-season when the numbers of people getting married are low. 

You can also cut the cost of your wedding ceremony and splurge your budget to your wedding reception. Though ceremony is the most significant part of the wedding, most of the guests enjoy during the reception with great food and pleasurable atmosphere. 

Having a cheap Vegas wedding is easy with a good planning ahead of time; by doing that, you'll prevent yourself from spending too much outside your budget. 

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