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Wilton Wedding Cakes

Many people have heard of Wilton wedding cakes. Wilton is one of the most trusted names in the world of wedding cakes, offering education for bakers, cake-decorating tools and supplies, and more. The Wilton School was founded in Darien, Illinois in 1929 by Dewey McKinley Wilton.

Over the decades since then, the school has gone on to train many acclaimed cake and confectionery artists in The Wilton Method. The Wilton Method instructs cake artists with the fundamentals of cake creation and decoration (the correct usage of fondant, gumpaste, etc.) while also encouraging them to experiment and eventually develop their own cake designs.

The Wilton Method also pioneered the use of cake pans to create cakes in interesting shapes. Previous to this, cakes came in simple shapes, round, rectangular or square, and cake decorators just worked on top of that. But with shaped pans, cakes can be created that are the shape of cars, castles, cartoon characters, or almost anything else that you can think of. Once a baker is fully trained, they will be able to create beautiful Wilton Wedding Cakes.

Black and White Topsy Turvy Elegant Wedding Cake

The Wilton Method has become a popular instruction technique in baking schools other than just the Wilton School itself. If you're having a cake made for your wedding, ask the baker if they have been trained in the Wilton Method, as Wilton Wedding Cakes are beautiful and a popular wedding choice.

If they have been, you'll know you're dealing with a pro. You can also learn to make Wilton Wedding Cakes yourself, without having to make the trip all the way to Illinois. Classes in the Wilton Method are available all over the United States as well as in Canada, at many bakeries, baking supply and craft supply stores.

Pink Cake Box Cake

Classes in the Wilton Method don't have to cost you a lot, but in addition to paying for the class itself you should also expect to pay for the cost of essential baking supplies like pastry bags. But even if the class ends up seeming a little pricey, it will still probably cost you less to take the class and create your own wedding cake than it would have to hire a professional cake maker trained in the Wilton Method.

And bear in mind that whatever skills you learn won't just apply to your wedding; you'll also be able to craft professional level cakes for birthdays, baby showers and other festive occasions for your family and friends. And once you understand the Wilton Method you'll also have the skills to seek employment as a baker, or even to teach classes in the Wilton Method yourself.

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