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Deciding Who To Invite To Your Wedding

Who to invite to your wedding.

That is a good question. Technically it is your wedding and you should be able to include, or exclude anyone you want, right? Well yes, technically, but weddings are like big social parties and you are the host. Many people want invitations, and many people in your lives fall under the category of mandatory invitations. Usually immediate family members are invited. If you invite the majority of one group, like aunts and uncles, you really should invite them all.

Who To Invite

Your wedding is your big day, and you really should be as happy as possible on that day, do not forget that. However, remember that you want to keep the peace leading up to your wedding and after the occasion is over. This is why we decide who to invite based on not only who we want to spend time with usually, but also people who we are expected to invite in order to keep the peach within a family. This is important when starting a new life with the one you love. You do not want any hostility or bad feelings associated with your wedding day.

But how do you decide who to invite? How do you narrow down your choices? Here are some ideas:

  • Start by making a list. Write down a huge list of everyone you could possibly invite. This way you will have a number of maximum guests.

  • Now that you know everyone you could possibly invite break your list into groups. Groups can be dividing into sections like cousins, second cousins, aunt and uncles, friends of the family, colleagues, etc.

  • The colleague question. Decide whether or not you are inviting colleagues. If so, how many? Are you inviting many or all or just a few which you are especially close to? This is something that you may want to decide soon. When your engagement is announced people may wonder whether or not they are invited. If you decide against it you can certainly explain that you can only afford so many guests and family has first priority.

You may need help creating these lists. Make sure to get help from your fiancé and both of the families. Your fiancé will have to answer the same questions and list everyone who may be invited. He should also break them into groups. Your families may have requests on people to invite, friends of the family or business associates. Take everything into consideration in order to know who to invite.

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