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Who is Paying For Your Wedding?

The first question that needs to be addressed is who is paying for this wedding!

Most people know that it is traditional for the bride’s father to foot most (if not all) of the bill. However this is not a traditional wold anymore. Sometimes the family who is more financial secure picks up the tab, no matter if their child is the bride or the groom. Some families split the cost 50/50 which should not come as a huge surprise considering how much weddings cost these days. Other times who pays for what is dependant on personal relationships.

For instance is someone in one family is close to a florist or the manager or a reception hall they might pay for something that they can get far cheaper than anyone else. Finally, many couples are now paying for the wedding and reception themselves. This is especially true when you notice that a lot of people are getting married at a later time. Also paying for the event yourself gives you the freedom to really be in charge.

It is important to determine who is paying at an early stage. You should start out by discussing this with your fiance, you may be surprised to find out you have different ideas on who is paying and even on how much you will be spending.

Once you and your fiance discuss it in detail and come to some agreement it then will be time to decide who to approach and what needs to be said, even if it is telling both of your parents that you have deceided to pay for the wedding yourself.

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