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Weddings and Children

Weddings and Children Weddings and Children - will you be inviting any children to your wedding. Whether or not to invite children to a wedding is often a dilemma. There really is no easy answer. Basically different circumstances require different answers. Some people are all for inviting children to the other, some people do not care one way or the other and some people feel that weddings and children do not go well together.

When either the bride or the groom has children they often decide to include other children in the wedding as well. Their own children usually have a key role in the wedding and other children are invited whether or not they are directly involved. Of course this is not always necessarily the case, sometimes the only children invited are those involved in the wedding, which is usually the ring bearer and the flower girl.

To answer the weddings and children question you may want to ask yourself a series of questions.

  • How many guests have children? This will determine how big the demand is. If there are only a few guests you may not mind a child or two, however if there could possibly be twenty or so minors in attendance this may change how you look at the situation.

  • How close of a relation, if any, do you have with the children who might come? You may feel differently about your wedding and children if the children who may come are close relations like nieces and nephews then if the children are from friends of your parents of business associates.

  • Will excluding children hurt the feelings of your guests? This is something you may want to consider, especially for guests you are close to.

  • What are the ages of the children? Inviting a bunch of teenagers is different than a bunch of toddlers.

  • When inviting out of town guests, do they have children? This is especially important to consider. People who are spending the extra expense and time away from their daily lives to come and enjoy your day should know well in advance if you are not going to allow them to bring their children. They will need to make arrangements.

  • If you do decide to include children in the wedding would you include them in the reception either or would you want an adult reception?

Weddings and Children After thinking about your guests and the weddings and children question, you should have a better idea of what you want to do. If you do ultimately decide to exclude children from your wedding make sure that people know this right away. People will need to decide if they can still come, if there is someone to watch their children while they are at your wedding or reception. You may also want people to know that the decision is not about them in particular, that you made a general decision not to have any children at your wedding.

There is one more thing to remember. If you are among the first of your family and friends to get married this might not be a big issue now, but it may be when they get around to getting married. If in 5 years or so they all start getting married and you have children at this time they may not allow children at their wedding, especially if they decide to use your wedding as an example, and you will be the one who is possibly hurt or needing to find accommodations for your children for the day. The weddings and children question is not an easy one to answer, it depends on a lot of factors, but in the end the decision is one that needs to be made by you and your fiance alone.

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