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Choosing A Wedding Website
Creating a Wedding Website

Are you interested in creating a wedding website? Having a website specifically designed to announce your wedding and share your wedding planning activities may be new, but they are a great way to announce your engagement. If mailing paper announcements is the traditional way to announce an engagement then using the internet would be a cutting edge way to let your family and friends know the happy news.

There are two ways to go here. You can either use a service specifically designed to allow bride-to-be’s to design a website to let people know of the upcoming nuptials and keep them up to date during the process or you can build your own site.

After creating your website you can send an email to all your family and friends with the link and all the important people in your life will be let in on your biggest news.

On your site you will be able to announce your engagement, keep your guests up to date on news, where your registered, and allow guests to RSVP. You could also post photos and blog about the whole wedding process.

Some sites even allow you to purchase a cd of your site, a keepsake you will have forever to remember this time in your life. Are You interested in creating your own Wedding Website? These days even if you are not specifically using this as your only way to tell people it is a fabulous idea to keep your family and friends up to date throughtout the whole engagement!

Using a website to announce your engagement might be a newer idea, but they are still a great way to not only announce your engagement but to let all your guests feel like they are truly a part of your wedding.

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