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Wedding Insurance

Have you ever thought about wedding insurance for the day you say "I do"? Before you even think that it's an added expense to your wedding plans, let us enlighten you as to why this is a perfect gift for you and your soon to be other half.

Wedding insurance protects you from possible tragedies. This form of insurance protects your wedding from mishaps and covers you financially. Contrary to the thought that it's an added cost, it is actually relatively affordable, ranging from $125 to $500. With this premium, you are assured of having peace of mind on the day of your wedding.

For your reference, here are the benefits that your wedding insurance policy should cover. Let us count the ways you could be covered by the policy.

Protection from weather conditions
Should your wedding be disrupted by rain or bad weather, your insurance policy should cover the cost of rescheduling of the entire wedding. Protection from illness or injury

Should important guests get ill or injured and may not attend the celebration, and the wedding has to be postponed, then, your policy should cover postponement of the wedding.

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Protection from missing vendors
Should your vendors such as the photographer, florist, or caterer be a no show on your wedding day, the costs incurred shall be covered. Postponement is an option and should be covered by the policy as well.

Protection from a missing officiant
Should the wedding minister such as the priest, pastor, judge, or rabi not be present on the day of the celebration, some of the costs should be covered by the insurance policy.

Protection from the location
Should the location have fire, gone out of business among others, the costs may be covered as well as possible postponement of the wedding itself.

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You may also opt to purchase additional riders for your insurance policy such as the following:

Protection of your gowns and tuxedo
Your gowns and tuxedo shall be protected from the business should it go out of business.

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Protection from liability
Should you wish to celebrate the big day at home, you will be protected from guests who get hurt or hurt someone.

Protection of Honeymoon
Should there be bad weather, illness, or unforeseen circumstance, you will be protected should there be a need to cancel the honeymoon.

Wedding insurance helps meaningfully and provides less stress on the day of the wedding.

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