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Wedding Finger Food Reception

Having a wedding finger food reception can be a lot of fun. If you are a bride who likes a challenge or wants things to be just a little different at your wedding, this may be the way to go.

We all dream of having the best reception ever and want it to be perfect. However,planning a wedding finger food reception can be quite a challenging task. It requires meticulous planning. You have to start planning way ahead of time so that you are not dissappointed with the arrangements and there is no last minute running. You must be sure of the kind of background you want so that everything is well co-ordinated from your accesssories to the decorations to your dinner tables.

Basic Wedding Planning

First of all, you need to start by planning the perfect wedding. Before you can think about details such as what food to serve you should really make sure you know who you want to come. The food which you offer does effect your guests therefore you should think about your guestlist and what they would or would not like.

Who Will Make The Food?

Next you need to decide whether you are going to have it cooked at home of have your wedding finger food reception catered. If you are going to cook some or all of these foods yourself you should make a list of your close friends and relatives who will be helping you and be ascertain with them and carefully assign each of them their respective duties. Some duties could include checking the menu, contributing a dish, printing food cards to put by each item and arranging the food. The food might be arranged by cuisine type, level of spiciness, hot to cold dishes, etc.

Wedding Menu Planning

Now you can plan the menu. A wedding finger food reception can be a bit difficult to plan, but of course it has the bonus of being able to offer many varieties of food to each guest to choose from. You can have different sections for different food so that there is no confusion. Everything must be placed aesthetically. Presentation must be perfect. You can hire professionals to do this for you or you can plan it all out months ahead of time. DIY weddings are becoming more and more popular these days.

How Will You Serve Your Food?

Next you need to decide how you want the food served at your wedding finger food reception. Generally you have three different choices.

The first choice is probably the most likely for a wedding finger food reception – and that would be having a buffet. Having a buffet will allow you to showcase all of your food selections in one large area and your guests will be able to pick and choose what foods they want and in what quanities they want of each food.

The second choice would be to have a sit down meal served to each guest by servers. While this may be a popular wedding option for a traditional meal, it probably will not work as well when you are having several different types of food available.

Lastly another option you could consider would be what is referred to as family style. Large plates of food are served to each table for the members of each table to pass around.

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