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Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers come in many varieties these days. For every wedding cake there is a perfect topper. There are so many different choices available today. When you start to shop keep in mind that wedding cake toppers come in many varieties today; from the super traditional bride and groom facing each other to themed or unique choices.

Have an idea for the perfect cake? We want to hear from you! Tell us what your cake will look like, or did look like if you already ordered them or had your wedding! Have a Photo? Great – We would love to see that too! Share your ideas and thoughts with us!

This traditionally styled figurine depicts the age-old tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold. The couple is crafted in painted resin to capture fantastic detail right down to the bride's pale peach bouquet and a gorgeous gown accented with pearlized flowers. Each piece measures 6.5" tall. This figurine is available in the colors shown. We are not able to provide custom paint colors for the hair, skin color, eyes or other details. This piece weighs approximately 2.5 lbs. Talk to your baker to see if the weight is appropriate for your cake top.

Some of the wedding cake toppers available today include ones that are more fun and whimsical, ones that are humorous like showing the bride wearing the pants instead of the groom or referencing commitment issues with the bride dragging the groom by his feet.

There is no doubt who wears the pants in this relationship. Here's a fun and whimsically styled topper made of hand painted porcelain bisque. The set includes two figurines, each 6" tall. The paint colors are available only as shown, we are not able to provide custom colors.

Other choices of wedding cake toppers include using crystals instead of plastic or using monograms or intertwined hearts instead of small statues of the bride and groom. The choices are endless.

An ornate garland of flowers flanks your initials and gives your cake top a rich, regal look in beautifully polished silverplate. The pieces are embellished with hand placed Swarovski crystal flowers for plenty of sparkle in the sunlight or by candlelight. This set includes three separate pieces, including two letters and the garland arch. Each piece has a slender stem at the base to securely anchor it into your cake. Once arranged as shown the topper measures approximately 5.5" tall and 6" wide.

There are many things you can consider when choosing your wedding cake toppers. Discuss it with your fiancé; decide whether you want to go traditional or if you would rather use a topper which expresses something unique about you.

Need some suggestions check out wedding cake toppers today!

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