Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Do you need wedding cake topper ideas?

Planning a wedding involves many decisions. One of the many decisions you will be making is what to top your cake with. What questions should you ask yourself? Here are a few questions you should answer before looking at wedding cake topper ideas. 

  • How long should it last? Do you want your topper to last forever, to be a keepsake to look back on or would you rather have something which only lasts the day?
  • What is the shape of your wedding cake? Are you having a traditional three tier wedding cake or is your cake a little more unique? If your cake shape is different than the norm you may want to consider using a unique topper as well, or one which is specially designed for your cake.
  • Do you have a wedding theme? If so you may want to shop for a wedding cake topper which goes with the theme
  • Are you a traditionalist or do you like to be different. Think about who you are when shopping; you do not have to buy a topper just because it is what everyone else expects. Choose what you want.
  • Do you have a strong feeling or belief about the environment? Do you want to go green? If so you could consider using a topper which could be ate or composted. Or would you rather keep your topper as a memento of your special day? Want to display it, you can display many toppers, especially the newer ones available that are monograms or made of crystal.

Now with all those questions behind us let us look at some choices. Here are some wedding cake topper ideas. 

Bride and Groom Cake Toppers

The bride and groom toppers come in many varieties. You can certainly go for the traditional look of the basic cake topper with a happy bride and groom decked out in their tux and gown. This is very popular for a reason, it is what most people feel the wedding day is about, two happy people in love committing to share the rest of their life together. If you want to use a bride and groom on top but want to be a little less traditional, that is fine too, there are so many possibilities. 

First of all consider that the bride and groom on top do not have to wear wedding clothes. You can find toppers which express your own lifestyles of interests. They may be in military clothes, beach attire, and sportswear or just about anything. 

If you want to bride and groom on top in the wedding attire but do not want it to be traditional there are many different styles that are humorous or whimsical. Some examples of this include the ever popular ball and chaintheme, anti commitment themes (toppers which show the bride catching the groom and reeling him in or dragging the groom along), themes that include interests such as motorcycles, football, baseball, fairytale and my personal favorite – hockey. 

Crystal on Top

If your wedding is elegant, plan for an intricate crystal piece on top of your cake. Crystals toppers come in many varieties such as swans, bride and groom, monograms, hearts, and lovebirds. 

Take note that as your wedding day plans evolve, you might change your mind on your topper. That's perfectly okay as long as you pick out your new wedding cake topper in plenty of time for your cake decorator or caterer to implement the change. 

Themed Topper

Remember that having a theme does not necessarily mean finding the cake topper will be a difficult. Cake toppers come in many themes as mentioned above in the bride and groom section. In fact here are some other suggestions- dolphins, frogs, bears, horses, trees, knights and damsels, rednecks (really!), Harley-Davidson motorcycles, golfers, The Simpsons, firefighters, cars, chariots, baseball, doves, butterflies, etc. The sky is the limit. 

Flowers as Toppers

Create a memorable topper with flowers. The flowers can be whatever you want, in whatever color you want, and can trail down all tiers of the cake. You can certainly make them edible flowers so no one has to fuss with removing them (unless you want to preserve them later). If you go this route you should put someone in charge of making sure the flowers get from the florist to the cake decorator at the appropriate time. 

When using flowers it is a good idea to incorporate something from the bridal bouquet into the flower decorations for the cake. If you cannot use the exact flowers you can match the theme or colors to allow the flowers and the cake to carry your wedding colors through every part of the ceremony and reception. 

As you can see there really are so many wedding cake topper ideas. Think about what you want, what you will feel the most comfortable with, and what will make you happy. Wedding cake topper ideas are numerous, but only a few will fit exactly what you want and exactly what will make you happy on your wedding day. 

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