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Wedding Abroad Insurance

Did you search for wedding abroad insurance? A special day such as a wedding is something that is well-planned for months even years in advance and since a wedding is such a momentous event in a persons life, almost nothing is left to chance. Securing a wedding insurance policy is a critical part of planning ahead for your special day since insurance coverage protects your wedding plans from unfortunate events that may happen before your wedding day.

If in the event that you are planning to have your wedding in another country then there is a slight difference of wedding abroad insurance from the domestic wedding insurance that you might normally get.

Wedding abroad insurance offer additional coverage for travel complications like delayed travel and essential document indemnity that protects you and your spouse from the unfortunate instance that you lose any of your important documents like passports, visas, or even marriage license.

The abroad wedding insurance also differs from domestic wedding insurance because it does not cover you for Public Liability Extension, which is protection from any claims resulting from an accident, injury or death to a third party at your wedding and Marquee Extension. The rest of the wedding abroad insurance policy aside from the details mentioned above is essentially the same with a domestic wedding insurance.

The coverage for abroad wedding insurance includes more or less the following; documents and passports, luggage and property, supplier deposits, failure of suppliers, wedding cars and transports, delayed travel wedding stationery, wedding flowers, wedding attire, rings, caterer, video, legal expenses, professional counseling, personal accident, rearrangement of wedding and reception and even cancellation and expenses brought about by the cancellation.

The policy is quite encompassing and in-depth and provides you and your spouse sufficient coverage regarding your wedding preparations in the sad event that something unforeseen and negative affects any of the above mentioned items the insurance can protect you from claims or incurring additional, unwanted cost.

There are different levels of cover for abroad wedding insurance and typically the higher the level the higher the cost. Each item to be covered can be applied for different levels of coverage and you can choose to match the level of insurance with the relative cost of the item being insured. It is of course prudent to secure higher levels for items since this will guarantee that you can claim the exact value that matches the money you spent on a particular item if not higher.

Most couples who have wedding abroad insurance have filed claims for the following; their wedding attire, cancellation of a wedding due to illness or bereavement of a family member, non-appearance of the caterers during the wedding and lost of wedding bands.

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