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Treating Your Engagement as a Transitional Period

I have previously mentioned how important it is to enjoy your engagement, to take the time to enjoy being committed to the one you love. I stand by this, however as important as it is to enjoy this time it is also important to deal with the transition.

It is a good idea to use this time to think about how being married will be different from dating or living together. Think about any changes that may occur in the living situation, finances or other relationship dynamics. If you currently have little or no contact with each others families consider how this will change.

Do not be afraid to acknowledge all the feelings you are having, both the negative and the positive. It is certain that you will be happy, excited and hopeful of your future and you will spend much of your time basking in these emotions and daydreaming about how happy you are now and the happiness which is in your future. However, you should not dismiss the negative feelings you have. If you are scared, nervous, angry or sad, acknowledge it. Think about the possible reasons why and talk about it with your fiancé. Having a wide variety of emotions is normal. You and your fiancé need to discuss what you are going through as it is important to set a standard for ease of communicating in your marriage now, not later.

You and your fiancés relationship is not the only one which may be going through changes. Be sure to work on all your relationships and examine how they may be changing, and work to maintain them for the better.

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