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Themed Engagement Party

Have you considered having a themed engagement party?

If you are looking for a less traditional party that is memorable and fun for everyone involved a themed party may be what you are looking for. You can either choose a theme to incorporate into your wedding and start using it at your party or you can use a one time theme for the event.

There are tons of different ideas that you can use for an engagement party.

The first thing to look it is if the bride and groom have anything particular in common, a passion they share. Here are some basic ideas:

  • If they are both doctors you could have a waiting room or E.R. Party

  • If they share the love of a sports team that could be your central point.

  • If they both love the theater you could choose a particular show/play they enjoyed such as rent, Sweeney Todd or Wicked, and design a party around it.

  • If they share a favorite holiday, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Halloween, the party can be designed around that.
  • Maybe they have a favorite childhood program, movie or event. They might both have a secret love of the Smurfs, being a circus performer, or maybe they both love superheroes.

If these suggestions are a little too casual for the engagement party you can still have a more upscale themed party. Here are some more ideas:

  • Throw a party based upon their favorite city such as Paris or London.

  • Throw a party which is based upon their first date, the night they met or the night they became engaged.

  • Throw a cocktail party.

  • Have a backyard BBQ.

  • Have a wine tasting party.

  • Pick a decade and have a themed party based on it like the 20’s or the 50’s.

These are just a few themed engagement party ideas to help your think of what you would like, what may be the perfect party.

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