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The Wedding Rehearsal.....What People Forget

by Terry
(Portland OR)

Until recently my wife worked as an event coordinator for an unconventional, upscale wedding venue (okay, it was an art gallery), and there is ONE THING that happened over and over again, so often it became a running joke.

The couple and everybody else would show up for the rehearsal, chatty and excited like backstage before a performance, checking out the space, and then there'd be a moment when everybody got quiet and.... waited for instructions - with mildly puzzled looks on their faces. They were waiting for the choreographer.

My wife, only because she's a darling person with empathy for the brides in this situation, got in the habit of stepping up at this moment and giving them a little direction -- working on the blocking. She would direct them where to stand. Saying officiant, stand up here, groom and best man do this and this and this, do you have a flower girl, who's giving away the bride, officiant do you have the script, what are the music cues, etc. etc.

Is the wedding planner "supposed to" do the stage management for the ceremony? I honestly don't know! If so, my wife was doing their jobs for them! So just as a word of advice, assign somebody to think through the blocking and how you'll want your ceremony to look and feel, and put somebody with an assertive personality in charge during the rehearsal. A minor thing, but it is something that helps the bride get exactly what she's expecting.

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