The Wedding Garter

By Shirley A Anderson

Weddings are very auspicious occasions and that is why even thought there are many superstitions attached to the wedding attire, people follow them without questioning them. It is said that in Christian weddings, the bride must wear something borrowed, something blue, something borrowed and something new. This is a very old tradition and must be followed so that the wedded couple is blessed with good luck in their life to come and lead a very happy life together as a married couple. The wedding garter is thus one of the oldest traditions and the use of them is still followed today. 

It is the bride that wears this garter, and most of the times, it is the garter that is blue in color and can be attached anywhere on the dress or on the bride's hair or even on her feet in order to be part of tradition. This tradition was started hundreds of years ago and is still continued and is attached anywhere on the bride's wedding dress or clothing. 

However, with time it was found out that it become a little tough for the bride to take it off, and so today, in weddings, it is customary for the groom to take off the garter from the bride's dress and throw it to all the single men, especially the groomsmen who are still single. Whoever catches it out of them is said to be the next in line for marriage and is blessed with a happy marriage. 

Thus, it holds a lot of importance. These wedding garters can be found anywhere, especially in shops and stores that deal with wedding items. There are many types and kinds of wedding garters that can be made and bought. They can also be custom made to match the bride's dress. 

They can be made of different materials like lace, and raffia. Lace garters are quite common for bridal garters. Many a times, even the bridesmaids and the maid of honor can wear the garter as part of their wedding clothes in order to symbolize love and peace for the bride. 

Thus, you can even find bridal garter sets in shops or online. Purchasing these garters online will help you access a large number of designs and styles from all over the world and since they can be shipped easily, it is suggested that you look online first if you do not find a good store in your area or region. They can even be gifted or kept as heirlooms and passed on to the bride's children, and they can wear it on their weddings.

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