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The Wedding Date:
Choosing A Wedding Date

There really are no major rules on what exactly you need to do to set the wedding date. Do you need some help with choosing a wedding date? The one thing that you should remember first is that you should pick a date and stick to it; therefore you should take your time in making this decision.

The Wedding Date

Method One: Narrowing it down to season and year

Many people will decide their wedding date in several steps, the first of which is narrowing down when you want to be married by season and year. For instance you may decide you want to be married in the Fall of 2010. Once you have this information you can continue to narrow down to you have a date. You might want to consider people who have weddings, showers, birthdays or other special occasions during the same time period and make sure that yours does not clash with any other competing event. Once you know what days or weekends to avoid you would then need to decide where you want the ceremony and reception to be. Once you narrow down the choices you need to confirm eligibility of the locations for the wedding date. This is a simple way to make a hard decision rather easy. Just keep in mind that when you do pick a date that if there is any service you must have, such as a certain DJ or musical act for you wedding or your cake must be from a certain bakery, to make sure you also confirm that they are available for the same date.

Method Two: Choosing a Wedding Date based on the services you want

You may decide to set the wedding date around the availibilty of a certain venue, such as when a certain church is available for the ceremony. Just remember making decisions based upon availability of venue could shorten or lengthen your engagement time considerably. It is up to you to decide what is most important to you.

Method Three: Based upon traditions, family or other

Setting the wedding date may become simple if you are particularly close to someone like a grandmother and you want to get married on the day she was Perhaps all the women in your family get married in June, and so all you need to do is narrow it down by date. Whether or not these types of traditions exist in the bride or groomÂ’s family is only something you can know and only you can decide if you are going to follow them.

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