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Setting Your Date
Things To Consider When Choosing The Wedding Date

Setting Your Date, how should you decide the day you get married?

Setting Your Date All dates are not created equal. There are some dates you may choose to avoid.


Setting your date - how will you decide? Some people want to get married on holidays but most people choose to avoid these dates. If you do not want to share the spotlight you may want to avoid a holiday wedding, especially a major holiday such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Your guests may not be happy with you if you plan a holiday wedding and they have to spend their holiday with you instead of participating in their normal holiday customs, whether they are romantic plans for holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day or more family oriented such as during Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Birthdays of Anniversaries

When you are setting your date you may want to avoid having your wedding on birthdays or anniversaries of close friends or family members. If you do choose a date which is important to someone else you may want to consider how other people might feel about you getting married on a certain date. If you really want to use a date that is someone’s anniversary or birthday you should clear it with that person first. Explain why you really want to get married on that date and get their blessing first.

Other Days

When setting your date, there are countless days that you may want to avoid, days that are personal to individual families as well as the general public. If your grandparents are deceased you may want to avoid dates like the date they died or were interred. You may want to avoid days like Pearl Harbor day or even the day Kennedy was shot. To be able to avoid painful days for the family you need to know them, listen to what they do or do not want. Days to avoid are really individual to each wedding and family. If you family or his has war veterans you may want to avoid days that are significant to those wars If your mother is an avid Elis fan or your sister had a shrine to Kurt Cobain growing up would probably avoid the dates of their deaths plus any other dates significant to them.

Still Not Sure

Pick a date and run it by your family. See if you have any problems or complaints from family members. Address what comes up. Then decide if you will go forward with that date or see if you need to reconsider.

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