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Rolled Fondant Wedding Cakes

Rolled Fondant Wedding Cakes

Rolled fondant wedding cakes are a big part of the many wedding days.

From childhood, many women have the image of their perfect wedding firmly etched in their minds. The wedding fantasy usually includes the gown of their dreams, the beautiful location, the incredible reception and the fabulous cake.

Pink Cake Box Cake

The perfect wedding cake can be yours, but you need to decide which is more important, the taste or how the cake looks. Cakes which are made with a butter cream frosting tend to have an edge in the cake department, but they do not look nearly as nice as rolled fondant wedding cakes. If you want a wedding cake that looks nice on the day as well as in your photos, fondant is the way to go.

Why Choose Rolled Fondant Wedding Cakes?

Fondant Cakes tend to look a lot nicer than ones which are which are frosted with traditional icing. Rolled fondant wedding cakes have a decided edge in appearance, as the seamless smooth edges and precise corners vastly expand the range of shapes and designs possible. These cakes can range from simple sophistication to having very elaborate designs. Fondant can be the perfect solution to all of your wedding cake needs.

Pink Cake Box Cake

Another reason people choose this style is because they fair very well in heat and humidity. These cakes are perfect for outdoor weddings, as the high heat and humidity will not negatively impact the cakes look as would one which is not a rolled fondant cake.

Pink Cake Box Cake

Your design options are pretty much limitless. You can choose to go simple and traditional with a white or ivory cake with raised designs such as eyelets, lace, scrolls, vines and flowers. However, you can also insert any wedding theme as well from butterflies and bees, colored flowers, bows, ribbons or your monogram. The sky is the limit.

Why Avoid Rolled Fondant Wedding Cakes?

Even though these cakes can be absolutely stunning in their design, the taste leaves something to be desired. Some brides would rather choose a little imperfection in the wedding cake design and appearance than to allow their guests to suffer through cake which may not have the best flavor.

Another reason that some brides choose traditional frosting is because the prices are significantly different. Your cake may be gorgeous, but the price tag certainly is not.

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