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Prioritizing your Wedding Budget

It is important to prioritize when creating and using your wedding budget.

First of all, when planning your wedding you need to think outside of you and your fianc├ęs needs. You need to consider what your guests would want or appreciate. Your guests should be happy and comfortable. You want your wedding to create a happy memory for your family and friends.

With that in mind make sure you ask yourself what your guests want and need. Make sure there is enough food and drink as well as enough time to consume it. Try to keep the wedding and the reception locations close together to avoid long drives in weekend traffic. Try not to have a lengthy break in between the two events.

After considering your guests needs it is now important to prioritize what is most important to you and your fiance and what is least important.

If you decide to spend a good chunk of money on your wedding dress or your reception site you need to make sure you still have enough money to cover everything else. If you do need to forgo something in order to accomplish this, make sure it is not something that that your guests will miss and talk about.

If your budget is running low the extras should be the first to go. Everything you have does not need to be top of the line. A 30.00 take topper is perfectly suffieciant even if it is not as perfect as the $179.00 cake topper you originally wanted.

Remember this is your day, but when it is over you do not want to be in a black hold of debt and you should not want that for your parents or in-laws either.

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