Tips on Picking Bridal Veils For Your Big Day

By Amy M Chan

When you think of a beautiful wedding chances are that the wedding veil is one of the first things that pops up in your mind. That's not a coincidence. Wedding veils have a long tradition. For one, there were supposed to protect the bride from jealous eyes. Another reason was to cover the bride in humility because displaying female beauty openly was considered bad taste. In any case, back then brides were (and still are) considered the most beautiful among other women. 

The tradition makes in an imperative for a bride to wear a wedding veil in a modern wedding. Otherwise the bride just doesn't look complete. And of course, a wedding veil needs to suit the wedding dress as well as the personal style of the bride. 

Mistake #1 when you decide to go with an extravagant gown is to make your wedding veil equally extravagant. You don't want to do that. That wouldn't look right. Instead, you should keep your veil fairly simple. The simplicity of the wedding veil combined with the extravagance of the wedding dress is a much better combination. However, you could add a simple ribbon or something like that to your veil in order to set a special accent. 

However, a simple wedding dress (without lots of embroidery or beading) allows and even calls for some drama or glamor (or both) on your veil. 

Think of your gown and your wedding veil as two different elements and keep in mind that they should compliment each other. You don't want them to compete with each other. And your veil should not hide important features of the dress. 

When looking for your bridal veil, don't forget to check with female relatives in your family. Your mom or grand-mom may have a vintage veil that will give the perfect tone to your gown. However, don't just borrow from anyone. Make sure that the woman you get it from feels good about her own marriage so that you are very self-confident when walking down the aisle. And you have to love it just as it is, as antique veils are sheer. If they're not the right shade of white or ivory, that will be clear to everyone, but you can't do a lot to wash or dye them because that could damage them irreparably. 

Is the length of the veil suitable for the length of the aisle? If you're having the wedding in a huge church, like a cathedral, a long veil will work. The veil will bunch up and be difficult to walk around in other situations. Another consideration should be how easily the veil can be taken off following the ceremony. 

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