Once Worn Wedding Dresses

Considering Used Wedding Dresses

Have you considered using once worn wedding dresses? I know, the bridal gown is one of the biggest, if not the biggest and most important purchases you will make for your wedding. With that being said a lot of people want to purchase new only. I can understand that sentiment, I mean it is your wedding day a day that occurs once (hopefully) and for that day you want something special and new. If that is how you feel that is fine, however, maybe you are open to used wedding dresses. 

Buying a wedding gown that was worn in one other wedding does not mean that it will be dirty or less than perfect. Most used wedding dresses are just as nice as the new ones from the store. This is especially true if you are buying off the rack, think about how many potential brides touched and tried on each of those gowns! 

What will wearing a previously worn wedding dress accomplish? Usually they are worn for one of three major reasons: 

  • Because the first time they were worn it was by someone close to you, such as your mother or grandmother.

  • You are shopping used instead of new to save money.

  • You are shopping for used wedding dresses instead of new to be eco-friendly, or because you are having a green wedding.

If your situation or needs falls into one of these scenarios then it would certainly make sense to check out once worn wedding dresses. 

Of course if you match scenario one you will not need ideas on where to shop or find used attire as you already know. However if you are looking to save money or are choosing to purchase once worn wedding dresses in because you are going green than you will need somewhere to shop. 

There is of course all of the obvious choices such as Ebay and Craig’s List. Both of these places have very nice user wedding gowns available for all price ranges. However if money is not the concern but you are shopping used to be eco-friendly than you might want to check out encore bridal.  They have a nice selection of discounted once worn wedding dresses by well known designers. 

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