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Holiday Weddings

Holiday Weddings may not be for everyone, but it certainly holds appeal for some couples. Even though there are reasons why people tend to avoid the holidays, many people still choose to get married during the holidays. There are a few reasons why people choose a holiday wedding.

Holiday Weddings


Many couples who choose to get married on a holiday (or a holiday weekend) do so because it is convenient for them and their guests. Most people will already have time off from work or school for the holiday and the guests will certainly remember when the wedding will be. This is especially true for destination weddings or weddings which expect several out of town guests in attendance.


There are couples who choose to get married on a holiday as the holiday has personal meaning to them. An Irish bride may choose St. Patrick’s Day for her wedding or a pagan may choose to be married on Halloween (Samhain) or another holiday of the wheel of the year. Many of the bigger holidays have appeal to couples as well. Thanksgiving and Christmas weddings are popular, combining meaningful holidays with a lifelong commitment.


Many couples choose to celebrate their love by making their commitment on Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day. These holidays are already romantic, and what better day can a couple get married on than a day which is already all about celebrating true love.

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