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Program: Fat Burning Furnace Website:
Owner: Rob Poulos
Company: Zero to Hero Fitness LLC
Cost: $39.97 or $69.97 with videos
Refund Policy: 60 days unconditional
Delivery Method: Digital download for guides, two tools are web-based and the video upgrade is viewed online.

Have you heard about the fat burning furnace program and wanted to know what it is really about? Are you overweight a little or obese? Have you tried all fad diets, exercise and everything else, but nothing works? Are you ready to give up? Well that is how the author and creator of this system, Rob Poulos, also felt. But then he came up with a breakthrough system which worked for him. After it worked for him, his wife who had gained weight after having children tried it as well. It also worked for her. They have managed to keep the work off for years and now they are sharing their discoveries with the world.

What This System Is Not:

  • Another Fad Diet
  • A Dangerous Diet Which Only Makes You Weak And Unhealthy
  • An Extensive Exercise Program
  • Buy The Fat Burning Furnace Today – Read Our Review And Find Out Why You Need This New Program
  • More Wasted Money Without Results

What This System Offers:

  • Real Solutions To Lose Weight
  • Real Secrets on How To Burn Calories While You Are Done Exercising
  • Directions on How To Eat Correctly
  • Real Customer Service – You Can Contact Them Directly For Coaching, Help and Guidance
  • Real Results

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Fat Burning Furnace Program Overview

The Fat Burning Furnace System itself is 158 pages in length (this does not include the meal plans and recipes section). The program is mostly focused on actual loss of fat, but the book also deals with other concerns as well such as toning your muscles and improving your overall health and wellness.

So what is the main point of contention of the author – in other words, what makes this program so radically different than the rest on the market today?

Well the answer is that the author Poulos does not believe that cutting calories is the answer. In fact he makes a great and convincing point that you really do not want to go in and start cutting calories.

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So why would you not want to cut calories, isn’t that the best way to lose weight? If you have ever cut calories drastically from your diet in order to lose weight you might know that doing this actually results in gaining weight? Why? When you cut calories you are usually feeling constant pangs of hunger and increased cravings. Of course if you eat because of your cravings you may end up gaining weight that way. However, even if you do not, the cutting of calories will result is a slowdown in your metabolic rate which means you burn FEWER calories, not more. This is why people stop losing weight and cannot bypass a certain weight loss point.

Although calorie intake is a major part of this program, there are other areas discussed. For instance nutrition and exercise is also discussed. You will learn about RMR which is Resting Metabolic Rate and then you will be given an exercise program which is specifically designed to increase your RMR which allows you to lose weight easier and quicker. You will be able to burn more calories than before when sitting or sleeping.

What makes this program effective is not one of the theories, but each of these fat burning furnace elements comes together and works together and provides real results.

Fat Burning Furnace – Exercise Program

If you are in love with cardio workouts – this is not the workout for you. All of the exercises you will learn are resistance training and the whole idea is to tone and build lean muscle. Another point behind the type of exercises you will do is that you will be able to do these workouts in the comfort of your own home with little or no equipment at all. This really is a complete program, one where you do not need to go out and buy lots of different things to use with what your will learn here.

The workout itself is between 25 – 35 minutes in length and is designed to exercise your entire body. They will maximize fat burning, but during these workouts you will also increase your body toning, flexibility and strength. The fat burning furnace exercise program is designed to burn fat for hours after the workout is over. Within the program you will get dozens of photos to see how the workout is done or you can upgrade to a video guide. If you are worried that the exercise program will be too much for you, do not worry as they include a section specifically for seniors and one specifically for beginners.

Fat Burning Furnace – Diet and Nutrition Information

So what is the difference between the fat burning furnace diet and other popular or common dieting methods? The difference is found where most programs focus on macro-nutrients whereas the fat burning furnace focuses on micro nutrients.

Macro-nutrients are carbs, proteins and fats. Of course we all know that most exercise and diet programs focus on these elements, but most diets do not work. However this program focuses on micro-nutrients such as optimal vitamins and minerals that our body uses to perform at a high level and burn fat and calories naturally.

So how does this make the nutrition and diet section different? Most diet programs have you cut calories, and watch what you eat. However in the fat burning furnace program you pay attention to what is in the food, such as which helpful vitamins and minerals are in each selection. The right food will help you burn fat and calories the easy way. Your body will become an efficient machine while maintaining your health.

If you are worried there is not enough information included, don’t be. This program supplies you with an extensive list of good food choices, menus, recipes and even suggested alternatives. He also gives you good ideas for snacks. You will also find simple tricks to minimize weight gain and fat during food preparation.

Fat Burning Furnace – Final Conclusion

This is an overall great program. They teach you how to choose the right foods, give you recipes and menu ideas, show you how to exercise and give fabulous customer service. If you purchase and you do not like it or feel it does not live up to their claims, they do have a money back guarantee. They also numerous customer reviews, before and after photos and a good reputation with the BBB.

The weight Loss Industry is Full of Scams and Fad Diets. This is not one of them. This product has come highly recommended from tons of customers with life changing stories.

You are not stuck with your body. You can change your life today. If someone said that you can really change your life without totally changing your lifestyle what would you say? This is a great program, one which can really work. With the money back guarantee – what do you really have to lose?

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