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Event Liability Insurance
Celebration without liability

Event liability insurance helps in keeping events in check. Planning events and special celebrations can get tiresome and stressful. Of course you want everything to be in place. However, there are still some instances wherein things just do not go as planned. And that could be burdensome if you are left unprepared. You would not want to lose that hard earned money invested on the celebration you have spent time and resources on right?

Have you considered insuring any of your most anticipated celebrations? This keeps you from worrying from possible concerns and problems that may occur in your celebration. Event liability insurance allows you protection from liability from third parties such as guests, vendors, officiators, among others. This provides you peace of mind on the celebration of your life or career.

Event liability insurance covers parties, exhibits, annual celebrations, and yes, even weddings. Now that you are at the planning stage of your wedding, why not opt to insure the big day and the celebration that comes with it.

To some, wedding insurance may be an added cost. Let us count to you the benefits so you would learn more about what this policy can offer you and your loved one.

Wedding insurance protects you from non-appearance, illness, or injury of special guests. You are protected from any liability should something uneventful happen to them. Should key vendors such as the caterer, florist, or photographer not appear on the wedding day itself, you may recover some of the charges and even opt to postpone the wedding to a later date to recoup the losses. Should the officiator such as the priest, judge, or pastor be a no show on the wedding day, you may recover some of the losses incurred during this supposed special day of your life.

You may also have the option to buy a rider to insure your wedding gown and the groom's tuxedo should the vendor go out of business. Should there be bad weather the wedding may be rescheduled to a later date.

These are just some of the benefits of an insurance policy. It helps you have a peaceful and momentous celebration without breaking the bank. A premium ranges from $95-$500 and yet provides wonders for you and your wedding.

Event liability insurance helps you make the celebration enjoyable, peaceful, and safe for both you, your loved ones, guests, and third parties involved.

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