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Decorations For Your Wedding - Impress Without Financial Stress

by Mandy
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

Having gotten recently engaged at Christmas time, I have only just begun to research the many ways that decorations and centerpieces can be obtained for a reasonable (if not frugal) price. It seems that most brides use flowers as a centerpiece, but if you are getting married in the winter (like my fiance and I) flowers are both more expensive and harder to come by. Through my centerpiece research, I have come to find that things found in nature, things recycled, and things already found at the wedding location can all help to decorate and “prettify” any budget wedding.

Some of the most interesting things used decorate weddings are seasonal and found within nature. Because I am planning a winter wedding, my fiance and I were forced to think about nature when most plants are dying or dead. Granted, we could go with something like a poinsettia, but that doesn’t work so well when your wedding color is blue. Rather than using seasonal flowers, we have decided the better approach would be to work with pinecones, twigs, berries (for a touch of color), and acorns. There are many websites that provide information on how to incorporate these “natural” objects into your wedding including turning pinecones into a bouquet, using acorns and twigs as table decorations and berries to spruce up the cake. One could also use these objects to make a wreath or decorate a Christmas tree.

Along the same lines, recycled items make for great decorations as well. My fiance and I have saved empty bottles of wine, beer, and sparkling water for the past few years thinking they might someday come in handy. Within the past few months, we have bought a glass cutter which will use to cut our bottles into candle holders. We will then paint the bottles with glass paint, so they will show up beautifully at our reception. Other recycling ideas might include making invitations, menus, programs, etc out of homemade paper or using personal objects from your childhood to decorate the tables such as books, stuffed animals, or toys.

Finally, the easiest part of my plan for wedding decoration is to use what is already available to me at my wedding and reception location and borrow what isn’t available from family and friends. For example, because my wedding is in the winter, I can always borrow trees, garlands, ornaments, etc... from my family and friends. I have also heard of people asking family and friends to bring a variety of chairs to decorate for a wedding reception rather than renting each chair individually. If the chairs are all wood, for example, it adds an interesting touch and some individuality to your wedding that will most likely never be repeated at any other wedding ever again.

Through my research within the past month, I have found a variety of ways to decorate a wedding cheaply without losing style. Using items found in nature, recycling or making items, as well as borrowing from family and friends and/or using what is in the location are all ways that will help to decorate and create a beautiful, personal wedding that will impress your guests and make you feel good about being frugal.

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